How to Get the Best Wedding Photos

Your wedding day is important. Finding the right photographer capable of capturing all the emotions and authentic moments is a must. What else goes into getting amazing wedding photos? Here are some simple tips to help you get the very best wedding photos possible. And yes, this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you have any questions about your upcoming date please let us know! All of our couples receive a welcome guide with thorough tips and suggestions to help ease the stress and begin to build a beautiful day specific to your needs. We can’t wait to be there for you to help make your day perfect!

Practice with an Engagement Session.

Getting the very best out of your wedding photos on your wedding day means first and foremost you must be comfortable! Not saying you need to wear flats (although that does help!) the best way to be comfortable in front of the camera is to have some experience. Your engagement session is the perfect way to get your feet wet. Engagement sessions are so important to us because it allows us to learn about you and get you in a place where you are excited to have your photos taken. All while getting gorgeous engagement photos! Best Wedding PhotographyHow to wedding photos




Choose a location you love.

This goes for both the engagement and your wedding. Although that may seem obvious, finding the right locations plays a big part. There may not be that ONE location that fits you, but getting creative and finding something special to you both makes everything feel right. With our couples we love to learn about their interests and personalities that way we can help pick a place that embodies some of those qualities. Redwood Wedding Venuesbest wedding photos

Plan plenty of time.

There is nothing fun about being rushed on your wedding day. We understand there is a VERY long list of things that need to be accomplished. Having extra time scheduled for your photo session(s) is never a bad idea. That extra time allows you to relax, be with your loved one, and get comfortable in front of the camera.

Use the best light of the day.

An experienced photographer can work with almost any light throughout the day. But that same photographer should tell you when the sun is at its highest you run the risk of less dreamy and captivating photos. If you think golden hour is all hype, we beg you to please rethink this! Be fully aware of your sunset time.

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Have fun, collaborate with your photographer.

Let your personalities shine. Whatever it takes to have fun and loosen up is alright by us! Don’t be afraid to share an idea you may have. Even if that particular idea doesn’t work out, this can help get the wheels turning. We always say we love capturing those in-between moments, and often times those come between your ideas and your photographers!Best Wedding Photographer


This should go without saying: Hire a photographer you trust!

There is an ocean of photographers out there and everyone has a friend who has a camera. Do yourself a favor and hire someone you trust. Photographers who have experience, know how to handle the pressure of a wedding day, and have studied the art form always have a vision that stands out.
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