Mt. Laguna Session // San Diego Engagement Photographers

Just outside San Diego we find ourselves drawn to the Sunrise Highway that loops through Mt. Laguna. Where you can catch a glimpse of snow in the winter and and late night golden hour in the summer. It’s surrounded by trees and meadows unlike anywhere else in San Diego. We set out with our friends Amanda & Scott to explore and refuel after a summer of weddings! We spent time scouting the area for some engagement inspiration and couldn’t help but take a few photos of each other.

Lets hit the road, see something new, and capture beauty together!

SanDiego_Wedding_Photographer-138SanDiego_Wedding_Photographer-245 SanDiego_Wedding_Photographer-422 SanDiego_Wedding_Photographer-526 San Diego Engagement-Los Angeles PhotographerMount Laguna Engagement-Westlund Photography-Los Angeles Wedding PhotographersSanDiego_Wedding_Photographer-1157SanDiego_Wedding_Photographer-720  Sanford_vert2
SanDiego_Wedding_Photographer-1501San Diego Wedding Photographers-San Diego Engagement SanDiego_Wedding_Photographer-1613 SanDiego_Wedding_Photographer-1732 SanDiego_Wedding_Photographer-1843 San Diego wedding photographer-Forest engagement-LA wedding photographersSanDiego_Wedding_Photographer-2049 SanDiego_Wedding_Photographer-2116 SanDiego_Wedding_Photographer-2312SanDiego_Wedding_Photographer-2240 San Diego mountain photographer-Los Angeles wedding photographerSanDiego_Wedding_Photographer-2535 SanDiego_Wedding_Photographer-2657 SanDiego_Wedding_Photographer-2833SanDiego_Engagement_Photographer-157SanDiego_Wedding_Photographer-2757 San Diego EngagementSanDiego_Wedding_Photographer-3051 San Diego Wedding PhotographersSanDiego_Wedding_Photographer-3217




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