December 11, 2015

Sunset Cliffs Engagement

This adorable couple picked the quintessential San Diego locations to have their love captured in this engagement session. San Diego blesses us with some of the most stunning sunsets best seen from Sunset Cliffs and lush, green, and peaceful strolls through Balboa Park, but this couple was our favorite part that day. With genuine smiles, and happy hearts, these two await a wonderful wedding and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.

sunsetcliffs_engagment_1_1 sunsetcliffs_engagment_4sunsetcliffs_engagment_3sunsetcliffs_engagment_2

sunsetcliffs_engagment_5 sunsetcliffs_engagment_6_1 sunsetcliffs_engagment_1sunsetcliffs_engagment_7
sunsetcliffs_engagment_8 sunsetcliffs_engagment_12sunsetcliffs_engagment_9_1 sunsetcliffs_engagment_10 sunsetcliffs_engagment_13 sunsetcliffs_engagment_14sunsetcliffs_engagment_15sunsetcliffs_engagment_17 sunsetcliffs_engagment_18 sunsetcliffs_engagment_19 sunsetcliffs_engagment_23 sunsetcliffs_engagment_20 sunsetcliffs_engagment_21sunsetcliffs_engagment_24 sunsetcliffs_engagment_26 sunsetcliffs_engagment_25

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