San Diego Elopement // Cabin Love

One thing we are literally obsessed with is elopements and this one affirmed that deep love and excitement. In preparation we met with Mike and Katie over fresh fish and beers to talk over the idea of an elopement and ONE WEEK later it was a reality! They started their day at home with a relaxing morning, getting ready together and enjoying Nomad donuts (another thing we’re obsessed with). With contributions of beautiful flowers given to her by a close friend, and a Joshua Tree themed cake made by Mike’s talented sister-in-law, Mike and Katie tied the knot with a sweet & simple ceremony at the beautiful waterfront courthouse in San Diego. Rather than holding a reception they planned a lovely evening together at a absolutely charming cabin in Julian. By the end of the day our hearts were full. What matters is the love they share and the amazing adventures they will continue to have. We can’t thank Mike and Katie enough for letting us capture their day and for reminding us of how special that commitment is.

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