Portland with Lens and Compass // Film Partnership

We could not be more excited to announce our partnership with the our dear friend, the insanely talented Robert Uehlin of Lens & Compass. Lens and Compass is a small-scale, American filmmaking studio serving couples, artists, and groups. L&C delivers visually striking and creative films using a variety of formats (8mm film, 16mm film, and digital) for weddings while being incredibly intentional regarding the process and the materials in use. The film above is an example of the unique and timeless style that is available for your big day.

WHAT I AM REALLY TRYING TO SAY IS: We will be offering discounted packages when booking both Westlund Photography and Lens & Compass as a team for your wedding day! Your investment is important to us as artists individually and as a team. 

Check out his page for more information regarding the processes and beautiful work or feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Until then, watch the film a few hundred times and enjoy our photos below from our documented day. Lets make magic together!

Portland_wedding_photographer_5 Portland_wedding_photographer_1Portland_wedding_photographer_2Portland_wedding_photographer_
Portland_wedding_photographer_3Portland_wedding_photographer_7Portland_wedding_photographer_4 Portland_wedding_photographer_6 Portland_wedding_photographer_8 Portland_wedding_photographer_9 Portland_wedding_photographer_10 Portland_wedding_photographer_11Portland_wedding_photographer_12 Portland_wedding_photographer_13 Portland_wedding_photographer_14 Portland_wedding_photographer_15 Portland_wedding_photographer_16

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