Joshua Tree Engagement // Sarah+Steve

Sarah and Steve are such a sweet couple, and so madly in love! Steve is no stranger to weddings as he’s one of the founders at Lennd!

Our engagement session with this wonderful couple was our first time visiting Joshua Tree and we fell in love! The landscapes are breathtaking and almost out of this world.

We were so excited to find out they’ll also be getting married in Joshua Tree, we cannot wait to return and share with you more of Sarah & Steve’s beautiful wedding plans and the amazing land that is Joshua Tree.

UPDATE: View their Joshua Tree Wedding HERE

Joshua_tree_wedding1 Joshua_tree_wedding2 Joshua_tree_wedding3 Joshua_tree_wedding4 Joshua_tree_wedding5 Joshua_tree_wedding6Joshua_tree_wedding7 Joshua_tree_wedding8 Joshua_tree_wedding9 Joshua_tree_wedding10 Joshua_tree_wedding11 Joshua_tree_wedding12 Joshua_tree_wedding13Joshua_tree_wedding14 Joshua_tree_wedding15 Joshua_tree_wedding16 Joshua_tree_wedding17 Joshua_tree_wedding18 Joshua_tree_wedding19 Joshua_tree_wedding20 Joshua_tree_wedding21Joshua_tree_wedding22 Joshua_tree_wedding23 Joshua_tree_wedding24 Joshua_tree_wedding25 Joshua_tree_wedding26 Joshua_tree_wedding27 Joshua_tree_wedding28Joshua_tree_wedding29 Joshua_tree_wedding30 Joshua_tree_wedding31 Joshua_tree_wedding32 Joshua_tree_wedding33 Joshua_tree_wedding34 Joshua_tree_wedding35 Joshua_tree_wedding36 Joshua_tree_wedding37 Joshua_tree_wedding38

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