La Jolla Engagement // Alex+David

How adorable are Alex and David?? Their location choices were a combination of beach, woods and unusual architecture all located within a few miles of each other in La Jolla. Every time we look at these photos we feel giddy about the buttery light we got to work with. I also remembered how much i love shooting AFTER the sun has gone down. We are completely stoked for this couple’s July wedding that will take place on the very cliffs above this beach!

La-Jolla-Engagement-1 La-Jolla-Engagement-2 La-Jolla-Engagement-4 La-Jolla-Engagement-5 La-Jolla-Engagement-6 La-Jolla-Engagement-7 La-Jolla-Engagement-8La-Jolla-Engagement-9 La-Jolla-Engagement-10 La-Jolla-Engagement-11 La-Jolla-Engagement-12 La-Jolla-Engagement-13 La-Jolla-Engagement-14 La-Jolla-Engagement-15La-Jolla-Engagement-16 La-Jolla-Engagement-17 La-Jolla-Engagement-18 La-Jolla-Engagement-19 La-Jolla-Engagement-20 La-Jolla-Engagement-21 La-Jolla-Engagement-22 La-Jolla-Engagement-23 La-Jolla-Engagement-24 La-Jolla-Engagement-25La-Jolla-Engagement-26 La-Jolla-Engagement-27 La-Jolla-Engagement-28 La-Jolla-Engagement-29 La-Jolla-Engagement-30

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