Salton Sea Adventure

We shot this session over a year ago and can’t believe we never blogged it! The Salton Sea has to be one of the most fascinating places in Southern California. We saw an art piece about it a while back at the contemporary gallery and had to check it out. While were on our way there the sun was setting and we almost turned around but thankfully we didn’t. We couldn’t have dreamed up a more surreal sunset that evening.

Salton_Sea_Photography-2 Salton_Sea_Photography-4 Salton_Sea_Photography-5 Salton_Sea_Photography-6 Salton_Sea_Photography-7 Salton_Sea_Photography-8Salton_Sea_Photography-9 Salton_Sea_Photography-10 Salton_Sea_Photography-11 Salton_Sea_Photography-12 Salton_Sea_Photography-1Salton_Sea_Photography-13 Salton_Sea_Photography-14 Salton_Sea_Photography-15 San_Diego_Photographer-34Salton_Sea_Photography-16 Salton_Sea_Photography-17 Salton_Sea_Photography-18 Salton_Sea_Photography-19 Salton_Sea_Photography-20

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