Pigeon Point Elopement // Poe Family

There have been times in the last couple years we have had opportunities to witness and capture things that are truly adventurous and beautiful. Making these things happen is never easy. It takes time, effort, and investment, but the reward is far greater than the work. The moment we heard Eric and Lindsey’s elopement plans, we knew this was something we would hate to miss. Eric and Lindsey chose to elope at the spot in which Eric purposed to Lindsey years before. To make it even more special their incredibly awesome little dude, Raleigh, was there to keep us on our toes. After eloping at Pigeon Point Lighthouse we traveled down the coast to walk among the giants at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. Even through the time leading up to this celebration we could not picture in our minds how beautiful it would all be. We send blessings and congratulations to Eric, Lindsey, and Raleigh.

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